DigitalOcean partners with Tabnine to bring the power of AI-enabled software development to startups and developers globally

Fer Oliveira

Posted: February 15, 20243 min read

DigitalOcean is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Tabnine to bring Tabnine’s AI coding assistant to developers, startups, and growing digital businesses across the world. Starting today, all DigitalOcean users will be able to purchase Tabnine’s Pro plans for themselves and their engineering teams directly from their DigitalOcean account. Additionally, Tabnine is pleased to provide an introductory offer that gives a 25% discount on Tabnine Pro monthly pricing to all DigitalOcean users. This will make it easier for anyone to leverage AI code completion and AI chat agents in their development workflows.

As the originator of the AI coding assistant category, Tabnine’s mission has always been to accelerate software development through AI for engineering teams of every size, which makes them an ideal partner for DigitalOcean, which is focused on simplifying development for technical users around the globe. Leveraging Tabnine, every DigitalOcean customer can now accelerate and simplify the entire software development lifecycle process without sacrificing privacy, security, and compliance.

How you can use Tabnine’s AI coding assistant

Here are some common use cases of Tabnine’s AI coding assistant

  • Create - Apart from code generation, you can use Tabnine to answer coding questions, explain code syntax and structure, and get up to speed on new programming languages.

  • Test - Tabnine automatically generates and runs unit tests. This makes it easier to embrace a test culture and catch issues earlier in development.

  • Fix - If tests fail or bugs emerge, Tabnine will help with diagnosing the issue and propose code suggestions to fix the problem.

  • Document - Simply highlight the pieces of code and Tabnine will generate the documentation for you, and thus automate one of the most mundane tasks for your developers.

  • Maintain - If you need to make changes or improvements to existing code, just select the required code and Tabnine will explain the purpose of the selected code.

In addition to this, Tabnine is context aware, and provides recommendations based on your code and patterns. It understands and applies your coding standards and context aware guidelines. Check out this demo to see Tabnine in action.

Even though the usage of AI-based coding assistants has proliferated, there are concerns around privacy and protection when using these tools. This is an area where Tabnine is truly different from the plethora of generative AI tools in the market. Unlike other tools, Tabnine is the AI coding assistant that you control. Tabnine’s models are trained exclusively on permissively licensed open source code. This helps ensures that the recommendations from Tabnine will not match any proprietary code.

Similarly, Tabnine has a zero data retention policy - they never store or save your data and never train their models on your data. This offers peace of mind and enables you to focus more on leveraging AI to accelerate your pace of innovation.

Get Tabnine through the DigitalOcean Marketplace today

With this partnership, DigitalOcean customers will get access to Tabnine Pro plans for 1 user to up to 10 users. To get started, simply choose the Tabnine plan that works best for you and click the ‘Add Tabnine’ button in your DigitalOcean control panel.

Tabnine supports all the major IDEs and languages. You can expedite the building of your app using Tabnine and deploy it easily on DigitalOcean’s platform via Droplets (cloud virtual machines), DigitalOcean Kubernetes, or App Platform, our fully managed platform as a service offering.

DigitalOcean’s simplicity combined with Tabnine’s AI-powered coding assistant will enable startups and developers to increase their productivity, so they can focus more on building innovative applications. We can’t wait to see what you will create with DigitalOcean and Tabnine—sign up for the Tabnine plans here and check out the docs to learn more!


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