Conflict, even disagreement, can be a significant disruptor. Whether the conflict is hot or cold – teams who do not address and resolve pain points suffer in productivity.

The good news is that conflict can be approached communicatively! The path to resolving conflict is called mediation.

As a certified mediator, I help pairs of individuals and teams to activate positive resources and bring light to the underlying issues.

With my services, I help you address:

  • conflict between two or more individuals
  • conflict in the team
  • conflict between teams and in task forces
  • disagreements
  • conflict resolution

I am available in Berlin and virtually, in English and German. Book a non-binding, free consultation for us to discuss how I can support you:

What is mediation?

Conflict parties resolve their conflict by following a structured, participative and moderated process. The mediator supports both or all parties with a multipartial approach.

Mediation is highly communicative and resource-oriented. The open ending approach ensures that the results are based on what is best for the participants.


I have qualified as a mediator in 2020, with the required 120 hours of training according to German law.

Certificate Mediation Franziska Hauck