Coaching & Consulting

The right tools and methods for those working in tech and their projects.


I help unlock potential and resources.


Communicative solutions for conflict and disagreement.

Community Management

Community and DevRel strategy for your professional networks.

My Expertise

Having managed several tech teams with 20+ team members, I primarily coach developers, engineering managers, tech leads, product owners, data scientists, and more.

I know the hurdles and difficulties in tech and I speak the lingo. My coaching is person-centered, non-judgemental and enabling, taking the specifics of a tech career into consideration.

As a consultant, I help initiatives in tech scale and grow in all people-focused areas (community, hiring, accessibility).

Food for Thought

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A11y Meetup Berlin: Trolls!

One fine summer day on June 9, 2020, an epic event was supposed to take place: the A11y Meetup Berlin get-together in ‘Neurodiversity In Tech’. These being Corona times, the meetup was scheduled to be Read more…

Developer Insights Germany 2020

As a DevRel specialist, I get a lot of questions on the markup of developers in my region. Luckily, I was able to compile some very interesting statistics in a freelance project. All numbers are Read more…


IT is the code When I first started to work in the digital sector anything that was remotely “tech” was subsumed under the eponymous word “IT”. Information Technology or IT for short is a concept Read more…

Quick Fix: User Manual

A while ago, I found myself in a tricky situation. As someone with invisible illnesses, it is not often easy to explain why I do things the way do. What had happened was that my Read more…

An Exercise in Trust

2019 marks the seventh year in full-time employment for me. Seven years don’t sound like much. Yet, in less than a decade, I have experienced more than many people in their whole worklife. When I Read more…


I coach people in tech in various areas, such as progression, career development and salary negotiation. As a mediator, I help teams solve conflict.


My consulting is oriented towards the people-centered areas of organizations. Building community, enabling developer relations, ensuring accessibility and improving hiring are what companies commission me for.