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In communicative and customer-facing roles, we work increasingly at the intersection of various disciplines. Get your digital fix here.

Collaboration & Worklife

Concepts like New Work and WOL are the newest craze. Going forward, innovators combine old and modern principles to forge better work environments.

Community Management

Community managegers connect people to an organization and within a network. Community creates value.

Program Management

Project management used to be about one thing at a time. With programs, processes run concurrently - and the challenges that come with them.

Why you should read on

What makes a digital workplace good? How do we establish and keep ties to the people around us and beyond? Why do some projects turn out to be great and others don’t?

In this blog, I address challenges and highlight solutions.

Food for Thought

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IT is the code When I first started to work in the digital sector anything that was remotely “tech” was subsumed under the eponymous word “IT”. Information Technology or IT for short is a concept Read more…

Quick Fix: User Manual

A while ago, I found myself in a tricky situation. As someone with invisible illnesses, it is not often easy to explain why I do things the way do. What had happened was that my Read more…

An Exercise in Trust

2019 marks the seventh year in full-time employment for me. Seven years don’t sound like much. Yet, in less than a decade, I have experienced more than many people in their whole worklife. When I Read more…

The Barcamp Principle

How to make your community event trend on Twitter Since joining the European DevRel team at Google, I have been to a few community events and supported there. The Women Techmakers Summit, which took place Read more…

Radio Silence

“You rock on Twitter, Franziska!” Recently, I received this flattering compliment by an acquaintance. I felt so happy about the fact that my passion shows and that she took the time to acknowledge that. This Read more…

What I Do

You can find me doing a variety of things.

Project Manager

In my day-to-day worklife, I employ project management strategies to drive communication and communities forward.

Speaker, Writer, Consultant

I speak at conferences and meetups, write about fields like finance and blockchain and consult the occasional organization.

I also mentor on a 1:1 basis.