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Now Available: Scrapable metrics for Managed PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, and Kafka

May 6, 20243 min read

Introducing Premium Memory-Optimized and Premium Storage-Optimized Droplets for Faster Networking Performance

Grace Morgan

May 1, 20242 min read

Introducing CPU-based Autoscaling for DigitalOcean App Platform

March 20, 20243 min read

Introducing Software License Subscriptions on DigitalOcean Marketplace

March 18, 20242 min read

Introducing New Enhanced Features for DigitalOcean Support Plans

Nicole Ghalwash

March 4, 20243 min read

Introducing Horizontal Scaling for DigitalOcean Managed Kafka

Devneel Vaidya

February 23, 20244 min read

Introducing the next evolution of DigitalOcean Backups

Yaz Unal

February 8, 20244 min read

Cilium Hubble now included with DigitalOcean Kubernetes at no cost

Bikram Gupta

February 1, 20242 min read

Paperspace by DigitalOcean now offering NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Kanishka Roychoudhury

January 18, 20245 min read

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